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About me

Al started his photographic journey with the armed forces in 1981, recording footage of the Falklands conflict. On his return he spent several more years documenting their campaigns before taking a different direction – into the world of TV and film-making. Working mostly with ITV, at Granada studios in Manchester, supplying PR material for release to the media (in the days of print when you had to get it right). From there he found himself on the Royal List, an exclusive list of accredited photographers trusted to record the Royal Family on their many visits around the world.


In 1998 he came to sunny Devon for a holiday and liked it so much that he moved down and settled in Paignton. Almost 20 years later and he had finally moved into his dream house in Chudleigh. Now running a small design and photography business focusing on covering events both for the press and for private occasions such as weddings. Fully experienced in almost all aspects of photography, including teaching.


We can name the RAF, the army, the FA, local and central government as well as many local and regional newspapers, periodicals or magazines among our clients. Al has also helped many local businesses increase their media profile. Being fully insured with DBS (formerly CRB) clearance.

Al is an Experienced Wedding Photographer Having done his first wedding shoot at the age of 19, with many years' experience of all types of ceremony, taking place in all sorts of venue under every light and weather condition imaginable. This experience is invaluable when it comes to your wedding day.

Being a wedding photographer is as much about the people as the shots. Knowing how overwhelming a wedding can be and when you're feeling the pressure, you need a photographer who can recognise that and help reduce your stress levels not add to them. After all, a relaxed couple make for better photographs so it is in all of our interests that you enjoy the experience and not feel pulled from pillar to post.

Al really does have that eye for that special photograph – the one that could never be planned for. It's as if the world stands still and the moment shines out, ready to be captured in print. Again, this comes from experience – it can't be taught. You don't get a second chance to capture an once-in-a-lifetime moment. Choosing the right wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you will make.


You can never plan for every eventuality but an experienced wedding photographer will always have their own repertoire of tips and tricks that can make all the difference in your final wedding album. How about we meet up to discuss your plans and I can let you in on some of those trade secrets at the same time?

Some may call him old school but he has never gone down that route of creating different tiers of service based on how much you're willing to pay. Why should you be treated any less because you can only afford Gold rather than Platinum? In fact, why does the word 'wedding' automatically mean a fourfold hike in rate anyway?


To him, every wedding day is special. When you book Al and Masterpiece Photography as your wedding photographer you can be sure that he will be focusing all of his skill, energy and experience to taking the best shots he can. Anything less would be an insult to you and the trade.


The best reward he gets is when someone says to me, “Those pictures are amazing; I'm crying now.” That is what we call a Platinum experience.




I believe that everyone's wedding day is unique and every wedding tells a story. It is my job as a wedding photographer to capture the real smiles, the real emotions and the laughter that tell the story of your day.

My style of wedding photography is predominantly reportage - capturing moments as they occur naturally throughout the day and building a story. I find that taking an unobtrusive approach helps me to capture unrepeatable, impromptu and authentic moments - moments that you didn't know had happened until you see the finished photographs.

Posed shots are an essential part of any wedding album and I can tailor these to your individual preferences so I can get the best shots without keeping you away from your guests for too long. People have different comfort levels when being photographed, I respect that and adapt my style accordingly. I will also offer gentle guidance to help you and your guests to look their best in your photos.
For more information, or to make a booking please cobntact me for all further details.


PRICES START AT £300. I firmly believe that no supplier has the moral right to hike up their prices when they hear the word 'wedding'. With that in mind, I work my charges out based on the amount of hours I will spend with you on your day, plus a couple for filing, so it means you could have a 'BASIC' service for £300,


A basic serivce can ibnclude bridal preparations, service, and groups after. If you'd like anything more, then I can price accordingly, although to have everything from bridal prep, to first dance will cost you £595. (within a reasonable travelling distance of our home base, Chudleigh, in Devon).


All your shots will be given to you on a personalised, printable USB


Let's talk

MiraclePR have a selection of courses and lessons available and are able provide an extensive teaching programme. Our courses are designed to allow amateurs of the trade to gain the skills and experience required to change your photography from something special, to a Miracle. We are also available to provide talks and demonstrations of all aspects of the photography and PR industry.

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Those We Work With

MiraclePR are extremley fortunate to be able to associate themselves with some fantastic partners of the industry. Follow the link below for more information.

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"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

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